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Breathe life into your home with the best interior designers in town.

Updated: Jan 29

A house turns into a home when it gets your personal touch. What else other than interior design can decorate your living space to turn it into a welcoming abode? Knowing where to place your relining chair is one thing, but harmonizing it with the spatial symmetry of your house requires a keen eye. Similarly, buying a cozy sofa is one step, yet choosing the one that suits your home’s colour palette requires expertise. This is where you need the helping hand and expertise of an interior designer. He or she is the trained professional to transform your house into a welcoming home.

When you invest your dreams, time, and money to infuse life into your home, you need the best. In this blog, let’s talk about some key factors that you should keep in mind before signing a deal with an interior designer. Read on to hire the best interior designer in town.

Instinct honed through expertise and experience

Instincts come naturally. But, when it comes to designing the interiors of a home, instincts alone won’t do the work. It needs the backing of expertise and experience. The best interior designer has the innate ability to combine instincts and expertise.

He or she knows where to place that lilac flower vase to elevate the beauty of the room. It comes from that intuitive insight and experience. On the other hand, the lack of an intuitive eye can lead to spatial asymmetry, even after the installation of a lamp or a bookshelf for that matter. It distorts the beauty of a room. As you search for the finest interior designer, keep an eye on those honed instincts.

The rapport with the client.

Beyond the mere client-designer relation, there is a crucial factor that you have to look for in an interior designer. It’s the rapport that the designer builds with the customer. An interior designer acts as a creative channel that translates the ideas of a client into tangible results. It is crucial to have a listening ear to delve deep into the preferences, requirements, needs, and lifestyles of the clients. Then only the home becomes a perfect abode. Moreover, to incorporate and roll out impromptu changes, proper communication is important. Hence, always check the compatibility between you and your interior designer.

Look for creative expression

Interior design is a fusion of artistry and functionality. The best interior designer knows how to create visually appealing and functional spaces by unleashing their creative side. They transform ordinary spaces into lively ones by harmoniously combining various elements. When creativity and out-of-the-box ideas team up, the result is a space that exudes life. Therefore, prioritize the ones that possess creativity for innovative designs.

A keen eye for details

Best interior designers always possess an eye for detail. It ensures precision and meets the purpose of every element. Whether it is layouts or measurements, precision matters in bringing a balanced outcome. Whether it is lighting or the color palette details matter as they impact aesthetics and functionality.

Further, when it comes to styles, patterns, and textures, detailing plays a crucial role in ensuring aesthetic cohesion between these elements. Similarly, clients might have preferences. Attention to detail enables interior designers to incorporate those preferences that give a satisfactory outcome for the clients.

Let’s talk about cash since every penny counts.

Openly communicate with the designer about the limit of your budget. It is crucial to take into account both financial constraints and realistic expectations. Whether it is high-quality furniture or statement pieces, you have to lay it on the table. It helps the designer to give you a stylish and wallet-friendly interior. Moreover, a seasoned designer can suggest creative and cost-effective alternatives that do not compromise on quality. Thus, a transparent talk on budget paves the way for an outcome that aligns with your aesthetic requirements and financial parameters.

Sustainable materials.

In the contemporary landscape of interior design, the presence of eco-friendly and sustainable materials has become inevitable. An informed client will always seek materials that ensure sustainability. There are a plethora of sustainable materials, including bamboo, reclaimed wood, and recycled metal among others. As you start considering an interior designer for your home, focusing on those who integrate these sustainable options into their repertoire is important.

Your ideas of style matter.

Your ideas of style matter when it comes to your living space. Everyone has a unique vision for their home, and every interior designer has a signature style. A good interior designer is always flexible. Hence, it is important to find one who is ready to accommodate your ideas of style. When you and your designer work in tandem, the result will be a home that truly feels like home.

Why Novato Interiors is the best bet in Trivandrum.

Expertise and skill

Our interior designers are professionals with expertise and skillsets to transform your house into a home that is both aesthetically appealing and functional.

We have a keen eye for detail.

We ensure precision in every aspect of the design. Our attention to detail guarantees functionality and durability.

Creative concepts

We focus on creative designs that combine functionality and innovation to make your spaces beautiful and functional.

Tailored designs

We believe in the concept that a home reflects the character and personality of its inhabitants. Hence, we create designs that represent the personality, vision, and way of life of our clients.


We value every penny you invest in your dream home. Our expertise enables us to provide you the luxury without straining your wallet. We believe in offering economic solutions without compromising quality.

We walk with you through the whole journey.

From conceptualization to execution, we’ve got you covered. Our team of professionals makes sure the entire process is flawless.

Continued Assistance

We prioritize our client’s satisfaction. Our commitment to clients does not end with project completion. We are just a call away for any after-service care our clients may need.


Choosing the best interior designer is paramount in ensuring that your house gets transformed into a welcoming home. Novato Interiors is one of the best interior design firms in Trivandrum you can count on to breathe life into your homes. Let’s shake hands for your home.

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